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Headquartered in New York City, founded inside Bear Stearns in 2005 and independent since 2009, Primary Insight is led by industry veterans with superior market knowledge. We pioneered the bespoke primary source research process.

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We’re a leading provider of access to a diverse, global network of experts across all industries.

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“Remaining at the forefront of quality and compliance, we are committed to maintaining the best standards by implementing strict practices to ensure a smooth research process.”

Leighton Thomas, CEO and Co-Founder

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We facilitate confidential conference calls between our experts and our clients.


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Client Portal

We have built a First-In-Class Client Portal (“CP”) technology, designed for investors by investors. The CP includes the most compliant features that allow our clients to protect themselves by providing a global-view of all firm activities.


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Wherever you are in the world when an investment idea is pressing, our Client Portal ensures the most streamlined process on the street. From inputting project details, managing client specific compliance measures, to scheduling consultations, our CP sets PI apart by consistently delivering on our clients’ needs.

Industry Coverage

We are global generalists with experts spanning all geographies and verticals. The sectors we cover include:

Basic Materials

Examine the factors that differentiate various grades of metallurgical coal as well as the impact that they have on the operations of a blast furnace.

Business & Consulting

Understand key business drivers and competitive landscape surrounding the key PEO providers in North America

Construction & Real Estate

Explore the dynamics of Big-Box retail real-estate in terms of supply/demand and property valuation as well as potential implication for REITs

Consumer Goods

Delve into the clothing and accessories retailer market and speak with executives at the top five retailers to discuss future outlook, marketing strategy and competition in the space.

Consumer Services

Learn which US airlines are modernizing the fastest and which ones have an advantage in their ability to pay for new planes. Who stands to win this year among all competitors in the space?

Energy & Utilities
Gain insight on trends in alternative energy, particularly in the wind generation market. Learn how much new wind development there is likely to be, the kinds of returns that are available, and the overall outlook for the space.

Speak with executives at banks who were involved in selecting mobile banking platforms and who can offer their evaluations of the top contenders in the space

Government, Legal & Public Services

Connect with former government officials, lobbyists and lawyers regarding US defense spending cuts and how it will impact other areas of the fiscal budget.


Understand the breast cancer testing space, focusing on pricing models, FDA regulation changes and patent expirations by speaking with doctors/ genetic counselors about their recent experiences.

Technology, Media & Telecomm

Converse with key executives at mobile handset manufacturers in China to gauge 4G LTE build-out plans in Asia and overall datacom demand.

Industrials & Agriculture

Explore the market for agricultural chemicals and seeds, reasons behind the demand for each and environmental factors that impact pricing by speaking with major producers and executives in the crop protection space.

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