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  • Unique, untapped industry leaders
  • Custom recruitment on all projects
  • Pre & post consultation vetting of experts
  • Qualifying statements to answer clients’ specific questions
  • Rapid turnaround time
  • Usage-based pricing across all sectors

PI offers a range of subscription products and services including:

  • Private One-on-One Phone Consultations
  • Live Meetings
  • InsightOnsite Research Trips
  • Guest Speaker Series

We are actively engaged in delivering premium industry contacts to top tier buy-side clients across North America, South America, UK, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, Primary Insight continues to develop its reach across emerging global markets.

Primary Insight’s network consists of consultants in multiple industries. Our consultants are selected for their breadth and depth of knowledge, and their ability to convey information with clarity.

Client consultations are commonly done by telephone, and consultants are paid an honorarium for their time. Primary Insight selects consultants for each project based on the information provided in consultants’ applications, and coordinates scheduling as to create minimal impact on consultant time. Typically only up-to-date knowledge of a particular topic is required, no advanced preparation is necessary.

Are you a consultant with PI and want to know about billing and payments?
If you are an existing or potential consultant with Primary Insight and have questions related to payment or billing, please email Otherwise, please direct all questions to