No upfront subscription cost.
Pay only for what you use.

We offer a select service for clients who can’t or simply don’t want to outlay a large, upfront payment for a subscription to an expert network.

Access a bespoke
expert network.
No time commitment.
No signup fees.
No subscription timeline.
Pay only for
the calls you make.

With PI On-Demand You Get

The same access to a diverse network of experts across all industries and sectors globally
Fully automated system ensures that all projects submitted are given immediate attention no matter what geographical location
The convenience of a bespoke expert network service without the hassle of dealing with sales reps and the renewal process

On-Demand Pricing

$1250 per credit

Pay via ACH or Credit Card using your secure online account.

Access Experts Across All Global Sectors

We understand that each project is unique and requires specific knowledge from the right experts.
Basic Materials
Business & Consulting Services
Consumer Goods & Services
Energy & Utilities
Government & Public Services
Real Estate
Custom Searches

About Primary Insight

Primary Insight LLC is an expert network service founded inside Bear, Stearns in 2005 and headquartered in New York City. We are industry veterans with superior market knowledge who pioneered the bespoke primary source research process. For each request, the Primary Insight team will:

Target and recruit fresh experts

Deliver a “qualifying statement” with each expert biography, enabling clients to be more selective in their choice of consultants

Provide exceptional project turn-around time: Most expert bios will be provided within 24 hrs of initial project request

Maintain Privacy: Every expert signs our confidentiality agreements and project information is not re-purposed


Leighton Thomas

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer